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הוה גביר לאחיך וישתחוולך בּני אמך


הוה גביר לאחיך וישתחוולך בּני אמך

My einkle told me tonight a gedank which I thought appropriate to share , with some small embellishments from myself.

My einkle asked , we know that the seforim explain to us that the worldly brochos which were given to us, were just so that we could dedicate ourselves properly to our learning and service of haShem.If so, what is the reason fro these brochos to actually dominate and rule the world?and , a little older ask,isn't this the real, underlying reason for hate and antisemitism?The goyim do read the bible.What does this have to do with being 'servants' of haShem?

He gave an answer (he said from the Ramchal; i didn't ask, where in the Ramchal) that to the extent we truly serve haShem, the brocho comes to us,and it is recognized by the goyim as from haSehm, and with that we can bring the whole world to its fulfillmentand tikun, which is our avoda and tikun.As the possuk says  - v'yattu sceh achod ' -They will accept  the yoke of heaven together (one shoulder) 

This is actually the words of the Mesilas Yeshorim (the Ramchal) in the coming sedra.When Yaakov was on his way to find his shidduch and build the Jewish Nation he slept in the place of the Mikdash and had his vision of the angels going up and down the ladder , and (according to Rashi), the stones argued on which he should sleep, until they all became one.

I don't have the Meslias Yeshorim (the Ramchal) in front of me, but he says it is a tremendous 'lift' to serve the tzaddik.

(If the goyim would hear the innocence of my enekle's words, they would immediately lose their hate)

When we look about the scene today , in the Golah, and in Israel, we see an incredible view ;Nations voting Yidden to  head  their countries (some with long histories of hate) and in American politics , yidden , yidden (not necessarily lovers of our faith),very visible wherever you look.and , yet on the other side, Israel the focal point of all, is paralyzed  and cannot govern itself.

We all know that there was (and is) tremendous fear and opposition by gedolei Yisrael to a  'Zionist State ' , the dream of a secular 'Jewish Homeland".That dream is crumbling today before our very eyes.

Secularism divides; service of haShem unites.The place for unity of our people is the Holy Land, -- the "Mama Land ".In all spheres of activity our people are shining.The time is fast coming for our light to shine , not only in technology and finance and in governance , but for us to fulfil our raison d^etre as a beacon , a  'Light unto the Nations", for all to know, to accept and live with the knowledge that there is a Creator, even if we don't have all the answers.

Kislev is the month of miracles.Let us pray we speedily see the dissolution of 'Hellenism' in our Holy Land, displaced with true faith and love of one Yid for another.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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