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Shvat: Borod Arbeh sweet songs

Shvat , the Staff of haShem

This year , the sweet songs returning ?

We couldn't help but love this video about how our land responds to the return of our people

 Chodesh Shvat comes in with the bitter 'staff' of 'Mishpat.In last week's parsha, we read of the plague of hailstorm, which destroyed so much of Egypt's sources of food. In this week's parsha, 'Bo',we read of the life threatening plague of locusts which almost finished them off.

The Ramban in his perush on chumash , brings a curious thought by Rav Hai Gaon , that since the time that Moshe Rabbenu prayed to rid Egypt of the locusts, the plague never returned.'Sichu bchol niflosuv'.. sing in all of His praises...'.

The 'mishpat of Egypt took 12 months.but 'mishpat 'is not an end to itself.The real purpose is brocho, just the King needs to wield the 'Staff' of punishment in order to bring lasting peace to his kingdom.Melech b'mishpat maamid aretz.When Sarah gave birth to Yiztchok, the 'Father' of 'din', all the barren women conceived.The Netziv teaches that the name 'Yitzchok' , means 'Chok' 'parnassah ' came forth.

And we see this happenning in our day with the beginnings of the rebirth of our people.

In this sense we looked at the breakdown of the Zionist Alliance as simon tov  zionist-union-chief-gabbay-abruptly-ends-partnership-with-livni/

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