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Yaakov lived - gather and I will tell you אספו ואג'ד לכם ויחי יעקב

Why is the parsha V'yichi 'closed'?

(We have a 'kabbla' from Ezra that v'yichi is seperate from v'yigash , but they are written as one,without any seperation.)

Because when Yaakov died the eyes and hearts of Yidden were closed from the beginning of the tzoros of exile

As we read this parsha , which ends the sefer of creation , creation of the world, and the genesis of our holy nation, we seem to be entering a world ,literally falling apart , the jewish ," frum' , yeshiva world under attack on all fronts, and the outer political world, likewise closing.The US, partially already closing, England facing being closed, and  a man in the White House ,whom many in our frum society looked to be 'our man' is isolated ,and under attack.

And this week , many , especailly in the 'chassidische ' world, will actually close their gemeras, not to give their light in a time when the 'klipas' seem to have a dominance (the little as I understand).

I've accepted that the outer swirl of events is really a reflection of what is happenning in the inner world of torah and mitzvos, and as my Rebbe , a'h, explains, the torah itself, goes hand in hand with the living history of our people.In that light , I'd try to express some of my thoughts, as  I try to 'live with the parsha.'

The words of Rashi (& the medrash from where they are taken) are really difficult.What does it mean that their eyes and hearts were closed?Why did he 'want to reveal the ketz(the end)? And what was the difficulty , Avraham had already been told  at the bris bein habsarim that they would be subjected for 400 years, for 4 generations?

Actually , to be honest, it seems that the prophecy to Avraham was not so accurate, as we know the actual subjection was only 210 years! And 400 years is not the same as 4 generations, either.

A very similar confusion existed with the Babylonian exile, which we knew would be 70 years. Acahshveros made his famous feast when he thought the 70 years were finished, but he was mistaken as the we saw at the miracle of Purim.And as for the present exile, no one knows anything at all.

The Ramban teaches that the genesis of the world and our people ,our roots which give birth of all to follow, are in the first sefer - sefer Breishis (Creation), the second book, the book of Geulah brings our people back to the status of the patriarchs, with the Shechina above our 'heads'as we come to our 'fulfillment ' , to be a 'light 'unto the nations.('As all that haShem created was in His honor).'

The Chazal teach us that the best years of Yaakov's life were the last 17 in Mizrayim.that was when he actually 'lived.' and so much so, that all the years of his tzoros were consumed retroactively.Just read the words of the Navi on his deathbed , without  trying to undestand (try to compare with todays' picture of the deathbed with a bunch of tubes and not what and 'life support'), his incredible holy words given with his living totality for all the future , and we begin to accept the words of Chazal, the Yaakov Aveinu did not die , but lived on with his children.

While he was with us, we were connected to the Navi's kedushe, when he departed, the tzoros started .How? Our eyes and hearts were closed.We no longer connected with the Creator.

That was the first tzore, all else followed.Every generation has to refind our connection with haShem. The Geulah is inside of ourselves.If we stop longing , chas v'sholom, we find the old devils come out of hiding to haunt us.

I believe that the world is at a crossroads,maybe one that is dangerously so,and we, those who consider ourselves the 'torchbearers' of the holy Torah, have become complacent and satisfied with 'success', in Israel , and in chutz l'aaretz."Olam k'minhago holech".We have become enmeshed in fund raisers and gashmayus, even with all the tzedekas , b'h .Ae we striving to grow as yidden?

Do we long to return? Return to what"? Who today hasn't been to the kosel? When returning home, have you thought that when davening East, it is to remember Zion , to remember our roots and where we are destined.Or did we just go to Israel for another tourist event?

Rabbi Grylak in last week's Mishpacha magazine has an interesting observation.European  Jews, especailly in the UK, are being faced with a very real threats of anti semitism and to  true 'chareidi' chinuch.Many are scouting out 'greener pastures', but only a very few consider alyah.He asks why?

I have the same question , here in our  beautiful Montreal community.

Many here in Montreal know about the opportunity of buyapieceofisrael of which I've been talking for years now.Besides  fulfilling actual mitzvos of Taryag,we are keeping potential murderers off our land,giving work to yidden who then  pay  for years from the fruits of their labours.And yet , the Morrocans who know me and of this organization, go to their yearly pilgrimages to kiverey tzaddikim, the 'chassidische' to Lishenks,the 'learners' to the annual yarchey kallah in Yerushalayim, the Chassidey Breslov to their annual Umann, and so on.

Does anyone think anymore? Or is that a forbidden subject?

My question is, if the Knesset in Israel wants to force 'charreidiche' boys to leave the yeshivas ,into the draft,is it not possible that they are simply mirroring our abandonment of love for Israel and its people?

If anti semitism and anti chinuch keep showing its ugly face,is it not possible we have become too entrenched in the Golah?

Are only the 'assimilated cut off from their roots? What about ourselves?







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