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REMARKABLE: Misaskim LA’s Hashgacha In Bringing A Troubled Jew To Kever Yisroel

Misaskim LA on Friday performed its 5th Mes Mitzvah since Shavuos, with the latest instance being particularly noteworthy due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the individual being laid to rest. The Niftar had a complex and tumultuous past, including having been found innocent of murdering his own father, arguing the act was in self defense. He was once married to a Jewish woman but later divorced and remarried a non-Jewish woman who had a daughter from a previous relationship. However, this daughter chose to undergo Geirus and now lives in New York as a frum Jewish woman. Despite the Niftar’s explicit instructions to be cremated, his frum daughter insisted on Kevuras Yisroel. Her mother, the non-Jewish wife, surprisingly agreed, and even contributed 80% of the costs. Misaskim LA, with its tireless efforts, arranged for the burial to take place at the Chabad Cemetery in Commerce, CA. The Kevurah was attended by both the Niftar’s ex-wife, a Jewish woman, and his current wife, a non-Jewish woman. The burial marked the 27th Mes Mitzvah arranged by Misaskim LA in 2024 alone. However, the organization is still $23,725 short of funds to fully cover all the lonely Jewish souls hoping to reach Kevuras Yisroel. To donate to Misaskim LA’s incredible, selfless efforts, please click here. 
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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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