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US Officials Urge Israeli Minister Benny Gantz to Reconsider Withdrawal from Government

American government officials have reached out to Israeli Minister Benny Gantz in recent days, urging him to reconsider his decision to withdraw from the government, Kan News reported. The request comes amid ongoing negotiations for a new hostage deal and concerns about the potential impact of Gantz’s departure on the political landscape. According to Kan sources, the US views Gantz as a key partner and a moderating influence within the Israeli government, particularly in relation to right-wing parties. His potential withdrawal at this critical juncture has raised concerns about the potential consequences for regional stability and the hostage negotiations. Despite the American overture, Gantz’s office has stated that he remains committed to his original ultimatum, intending to withdraw from the government on the night of June 8 unless his conditions are met. These conditions include a strategic plan for the war against Hamas, the return of Israeli hostages, and a framework for ensuring Israeli security control. Families of the hostages have also appealed to Gantz, asking him to stay on until the fate of the deal is decided. While Gantz considered extending his tenure last week, he has thus far refused to budge. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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