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Adam haRishon's original mistake

The Link Between Adom haRishon and the 25th of December


When we look at the standard historical accounts of the time, we learn that the 25th was celebrated as a pagan holiday a thousand years before 'oso haish.'

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Yule is the Chaldean name for 'infant' or 'little child.' In ancient Babylon, the 25th of December was known as Yule day or the birth of the promised child day. This was the day of the birth of the incarnate sun, who appeared as a baby child to redeem a world bound in darkness. It was an essential belief of the Babylonian religious system, that the sun god, also known as Baal, was the chief god in a polytheistic system. Tammuz was also worshipped as the god incarnate, or promised baby son of Baal, who was to be the Savior of the world.

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27 th of Teves- the 125th Yahrzeit of haRav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch ztz'l

Rav Shamshon Rafeal Hirsch

A gaon who redefined the Yiddish landscape

Torah im Derech Eretz - Culture?

The 125th yarhzeit of Rav Shamshon Rafeal Hirsch carries special meaning to ourselves at 613montreal as he was a unique torah personality who preached a complete ,positive engagement with modern science , technology, and worldly' culture.' He did so with eloquence , torah scholarship , inspiration and dedication , and he breathed a new pride and strength into a people decimated by the onslaughts of the so-called 'Enlightenment."

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Pinchas ben Elozer ben Aharon H’Kohen


   (25:11) “Pinchas ben Elozer ben Aharon H’Kohen.” The parsha begins by tracing the genealogy of Pinchas back to Aaron. Why was it necessary to mention his grandfather? The reason is because people doubted the sincerity of Pinchas’ actions. Perhaps since he descended from Yisro his deeds were not Leshaim Shomayim? Hashem therefore wished to publicize that he was a tzaddik the son of a tzaddik. Also Hashem wanted to heal some of the residual bad feelings that might have existed against Aaron who at the time when he made the Eigel had inadvertently become the cause of many Jewish deaths. Now a grandson of Aharon had come and saved many more lives than Aaron had ever even indirectly caused to be lost.

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   (11:26) Reaye-See” 

In the opening verse of this week's parsha, Moshe speaks to the Jewish people and says, "See (re'eh), I have set before you today a blessing and a curse."

The word re'ehis in the singular while the word Lifneichemis in the plural? This teaches us that the world hangs on the actions of each individual.

However the word "Re'eh" seems out of place here. Moshe is not showing anything to the people; he is merely informing them about the consequences of their actions! Why does the Torah present this information in terms of "seeing," when it would have made more sense to use the idea of "hearing"?

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Rubashkin State Labor Case Expunged (quietly , unnoticed)

rubashkin 03 100x75 The Sholom Rubashkin case has been quietly expunged as if nothing ever occured.

After all the pain and damage this Yid incredible has suffered, we were overjoyed to be treated withthe following article.

We share ithere inits entirety as writen the Yated..


In a remarkable but unreported event in an Iowa courthouse a few weeks ago, a judge expunged from the court record Sholom Rubashkin’s entire labor case, including all documents and trial proceedings connected with “The State of Iowa vs. Sholom M. Rubashkin.”

The judge was implementing a new state law that grants a former defendant who was found innocent at trial, or for whom all charges were dropped or dismissed, full erasure of his criminal record. Such an act signals recognition that the case was without foundation, should not be used in any way against the former accused and essentially, should never have been brought.

It’s the closest thing to an apology one can expect from the government for putting someone through the financial and psychological ordeal of a criminal prosecution.

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