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"Mes Eched min hachabure yidaeg kol hachabure" If one of the group dies , let all worry

Pinchos .. Heshev es Chamasi

This is a hard topic to post ; somehow , writing on the fast , at the beginning of the 3 weeks , seems to be appropriate.

Last week , klall Yisrael was hit with an incredible pain, a pure nishama pulled from our midst , brutally murdered . And if that was not enough, the murderer wears a yarmulka!


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B'Gilaad nifheshe rotzchim - In Gilaad there are many murderers

B'gilaad Nfishe Rotzchim

How horrible it is to quote such a chazal as the beginning title to a weekly attempt at  'divrey machshava.' How much worse so that these words this year strike  deeply in the hearts of every Jew ,of every color and every stripe.

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The name of Moshiach is Menachem

Time for Consolation Time for Renewal and Strength

As for so many , especially those associated with the Yeshiva world, the time immediately after Tisha B'Av is a frenzy of travel , weddings and the like.It is really not a time for writing  but for renewal of one's inner strengths.

I received a sermon from a young Orthodox Rabbi in South Florida, sent by my nephew and niece. I thought to share it and my comments.

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Hello Montreal Jewry - Our first blog post

A first post

As our first post in the 'blogosphere' it's worth considering the risks and , hopefully 'rewards'

of running an online journal.

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Musings on the Jewish business expo

We're still somewhat out-of-breath , taking in the experience of participating at the Jewishbusinesexpo

We weren't there to promote this site, though maybe we should have been , as such networking was certainly one of the reasons we set up felt it more relevant to announce the launch of our newest enterprise,, but it was nevertheless, for us a really nice experience.

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