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The Rosh haShana Primer

A beautiful slideshow guiding us through the rosh haShana simanim

submitted to our community by our resident nutretherapist and educator  , Gitty Bixenspanner .

We Really wouldlike to thankher for this magnificent gift.






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אם בחוקתי ילכו If only ,you would labor in My Torah

Labor in torah ,the source for blessings

Labor in Torah ,labor in Israel

Love of Yidden , love of the Land


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The Fall of the Temple - the Fall of Mankind-Nachamu ,Nachamu Ami- And They are Your Inheritance

איכה ישבה בדד    איכה אשא לבדי   איכה

נחמו נחמו עמי    

והיח עקב תשׁמעון   והם עםך ונחלתך

*Note,we started to write before shabbas, erev Tisha b'Av but couldn't finish in time

               Erev Shabbas Chazon ,Tisha b'Av ,nidcha, is perhaps not the best time to write an inaugural blog post after a long hiatus.But erev Shabbas is a time to be involved with the sedra and to 'live with the parsha'. If I write just for myself ,that is also ok.

              The NeTziv writes in a few places  that golus is something  מאוד נעלה  - something very high .Through the process of golus ,we become  a 'Light unto the Nations,' which is our raison d^etre.And we have seen continually through all the generations ; with all the horrors we've suffered from the savages  who have continually tried to destroy us,that they (that is;those who were left as one after the other our enemies disappeared from history) ended up, with inspiration, trying to emulate us. 

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A Rosh haShana Primer

The significance of theSimanim


Contributed by our own ,resident Gitta Bixenspanner,lecturer,educator, and Nutretherapist..

Rosh haShana




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How Blessed are Your Tents

Ma Tovu Oholeche

I was zoche the last week to participate in the simcha of a dear friend, the choson of Montreal and the kala of San Diego.I stayed over a day to visit a child in LA and return with a number of pleasant reflections.

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