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Archaeologists discover trove of Jewish relics near historic Warsaw Ghetto

More than 5,000 items related to pre-war Jewish life found in 2 basements, transferred to Warsaw Ghetto Museum
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Iran's high court rejects appeal of Jew condemned to death

ארווין (נתנאל) קהרמאני
Family of  Arvin Nathaniel Ghahremani say they were badly represented by a court appointed attorney who did not argue self-defense or present the efforts made by the condemned man, to save the victim's life
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Djerba's Ghriba synagogue pilgrimage subdued amid heightened security

Due to the Gaza conflict, the annual Jewish pilgrimage to Tunisia's Ghriba synagogue is scaled back to basic religious rituals, with heightened security and no festive processions; The synagogue, a historic site, now restricts entry to Jewish pilgrims only
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Khamenei aide presses for execution of Jewish man in Iran

ארווין (נתנאל) קהרמאני
After Iran postpones execution of Arvin Nathaniel Ghahremani, 20, due to international pressure, Kurdish human rights group reports victim's family being urged to reject financial compensation that could prevent execution
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Russia behind provocative antisemitism near Paris Holocaust museum, report

קיר חסידי אומות העולם בפריז, אחרי שהושחת
Red handprints sprayed on the Wall of the Righteous Among the Nations done by Bulgarian citizens working on behalf of Russia, who quickly left the country after blue star of David painted on Jewish homes soon after Hamas massacre, French outlet says 
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