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NEW PHOTO: Hamas Terrorist Shot Dead On Oct. 7 While Trying To Steal Sefer Torah

An incredible new photo has emerged from an incident that occurred during the Hamas massacre in southern Israel on October 7. During the attack, a Sefer Torah was nearly seized by terrorists as they invaded the IDF’s Pega outpost in Otaf, but was saved at the last minute by the bravery of IDF fighters. According to reports, the terrorists had planned to transport the Sefer Torah to Gaza after overrunning the outpost. However, just as they were about to capture the Torah, IDF forces arrived on the scene, fighting with their last ounce of strength to eliminate the terrorists and protect the it. Thanks to the bravery of the IDF fighters, the Sefer Torah was saved from falling into the wrong hands. The Sefer Torah has since undergone professional restoration and received a new mantle describing its experience, and has been put back to use in an IDF base. (YWN World Headquarters –  NYC)
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MINDBOGGLING: Manhattan DA Drops Criminal Charges Against Anti-Israel Demonstrators Who Stormed Columbia U.

Nearly all protesters charged with storming and occupying Columbia University’s campus during anti-Israel demonstrations won’t face criminal charges, Manhattan prosecutors announced Thursday. District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office dismissed cases against 31 of 46 people charged with trespassing in Hamilton Hall after a dramatic April 30 NYPD raid. Prosecutors cited a lack of evidence, such as security video footage, to tie the students or staff to the building takeover. “This is turnstile justice,” Michael Nussbaum, a 25-year member of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, told the NY Post. “This is a green light for chaos, a green light for destroying property.” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Stephen Millan said prosecutors had trouble moving forward with charges due to “extremely limited” video surveillance and no police injuries. The protesters wore masks, making it difficult to identify individual actions, the DA’s office added. Students and staffers at Columbia, Barnard, or the Union Theological Seminary who had their charges dropped face disciplinary action by the school, which factored into the decision. Notorious protester Aidan Parisi, 27, a postgrad student, was among those whose cases were dismissed. The lone remaining Hamilton Hall defendant is James Carlson, who faces hate crime, assault, and petit larceny charges for allegedly torching an Israel supporter’s flag and hitting the 22-year-old in the face with a rock. Prosecutors plan to move forward with charges against Carlson, dubbed a “wannabe bad boy.” Defense attorney Matthew W. Daloisio argued that 14 individuals, including 12 unaffiliated with the Ivy League school, should have their cases tossed immediately, as no one was hurt or damaged property. Police sources expressed disbelief, saying, “Lack of evidence? Apparently body-worn camera wasn’t enough?” and “We have a DA giving them what amounts to a mandate to push the envelope further now.” Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, a former trustee on the governing board for CUNY, said it strained belief that authorities couldn’t identify anyone. “How can it be that you can’t identify a single person? It’s not acceptable and it’s not good for the city.” (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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WATCH: An Emotional Bracha Before Historic Trip Of Gedolim To The US

As YWN reported earlier this month, a special fund is being established to aid yeshivos and kollelim in Eretz Yisrael that are facing an unprecedented financial crisis after the government cut more than twenty percent of funding to yeshivos and kollelim across the entire Eretz Yisroel. A historic trip to launch the fund will begin on Motzei Shabbos, with Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka HaGaon HaRav Dov Landau, HaMashgiach HaGaon HaRav Don Segal, the Rachamastrika Rebbe, Rosh Yeshivas Ahavat Shalom HaGaon HaRav Yaakov Hillel, and Rosh Yeshivas Meor HaTorah HaGaon HaRav Avraham Salim traveling to the United States. Ahead of the trip, a meeting was held on Thursday evening at the home of HaRav Landau in Bnei Brak, with the participation of dozens of Roshei Yeshivos, including Rosh Yeshivas Chevron, HaGaon HaRav Dovid Cohen, Rosh Yeshivas Mir, HaGaon HaRav Eliezer Yehuda Finkel, the son of the Sanzer Rebbe and others. HaRav Landau said at the meeting that’s it’s not easy for him to travel at his age but the the severe financial plight of the yeshivos leaves him with no choice. Toward the end of the event, the participants were moved when HaRav Dovid Cohen gave a spontaneous heartfelt bracha to HaRav Landau, holding his hand and saying: “Rabbeinu should have the koach to travel b’shalom and be the shaliach of the entire Olam HaTorah, to ensure the continuation of the Olam HaTorah now and b’ezras Hashem in the future. And in the zechus of the Torah that Rabbeinu will establish, the kavod and influence of the Torah should continue until the arrival of Moshiach.” HaRav Landau responded: “Yashar Koach. Halavei that your brachos should be entirely fulfilled. I hope I’ll have Siyata Dishmaya to do what I have been tasked with.” HaRav Cohen then concluded with an emotional Birchas Kohanim. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)
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BD”E: Tragic Petirah Of R’ Mordche Shlome Shpirer Z”L, After Being Struck By Vehicle In Boro Park

YWN regrets to inform you of the petirah of R’ Mordche Shlome Shpirer Z”L, who was struck by a vehicle and critically injured on Monday night. He was 67 years old. As YWN reported Monday evening, the Niftar was hit by a drunk driver on 15th Avenue and 54th Street. He was rushed to the hospital by Hatzolah paramedics for treatment, but despite doctors’ valiant efforts, he was tragically niftar on Friday morning. The driver of the vehicle was caught by Boro Park Shomrim instantly blocks away and taken into custody by the NYPD. The levaya will take place today at 4PM at Yerayim Chapel in Williamsburg. The Kevura will be at the Bais Hachaim in Floral Park. Besuros Tovos. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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HILARIOUS: AOC Fights With Infamous Neo-Nazi After He Compliments Her

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fought with neo-Nazi troll Nick Fuentes on X, a platform that has allowed him to post again despite his history of hate speech, making for a hilarious moment after he tried complimenting her for hating on Israel. The exchange began when Ocasio-Cortez posted, “An unspoken secret in Congress is that much of the reflexive, blind, unconditional vote support for nearly any Israeli gov action isn’t from actual agreement. It’s from fear. Reps are terrified of this. Of AIPAC. So they don’t vote their conscience. They vote their fear.” Fuentes, who has denied the Holocaust and called for the execution of non-Christians, responded, “AOC is more America First than 99% of Republicans.” Ocasio-Cortez replied, “You are a white supremacist and I want nothing to do with you nor the world you imagine. I believe in a multiracial democracy, one of economic rights, civil liberties, and that affirms the working class and the rights of women and LGBTQ+ people.” She added, “These are not small differences. They are irreconcilable. White supremacy is a scourge and must be disavowed in all places.” Fuentes, who leads the alt-right “Groyper Army,” has a history of trolling mainstream conservative events and promoting white supremacy. He recently dined with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago and appeared on Alex Jones’s InfoWars with anti-Semitic rapper Kanye West. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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