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HATE IN JACKSON: Jewish Children Receive Chilling Death Threat While Riding Their Bikes

Two young Jewish boys, ages 5 and 6, received a chilling death threat from an older youth – who threatened to “kill them and their mom” –  while innocently riding their bikes in the Jackson 21 development. The boys, understandably shaken, fled the scene and recounted the horrific incident to their parents. The parents, determined to address the situation, confronted the parents of the child who made the threats. Shockingly, they admitted that their child had indeed made such threats, and blamed it on the influx of Jewish families moving into the area. This disturbing incident is not an isolated one; Jewish residents of Jackson 21 have reported numerous instances of harassment since the development began. The root of the problem, according to residents, lies with investors who purchase homes as rentals, without properly vetting their tenants. These tenants often engage in disruptive behavior, including drug use and harassment of their neighbors. The thriving community is now plagued by a growing sense of unease and danger, and the noted problems have made it less attractive to prospective upstanding homeowners. Residents are placing blame squarely on the investors who prioritize profits over people. “They are destroying this place for the sake of lining their own pockets,” one resident said. Pressure is now mounting on the HOA to implement new rules requiring homebuyers to occupy their properties, rather than renting them out to potentially troublesome tenants. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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Canada Prepares To Evacuate 45K Citizens From Lebanon, Kuwait Already Began

As fears of a breakout of a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon grows, Canada is preparing to evacuate about 45,000 of its citizens living in Lebanon, in what will be the largest evacuation in Canadian history. The Gulf country of Kuwait already began sending airplanes to Lebanon on Shabbos to evacuate its citizens. Channel 12 News reported on Friday that Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly informed Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz that Canadian military forces have already been sent to the area to prepare for the evacuation. According to the report, the conversation between the two was “tense.” Katz pressured Joly to urge the Canadian government to pressure Iran to reign in its proxy group Hezbollah and prevent an escalation of the conflict. Following the conversation, Katz wrote on X. “Israel cannot allow the Hezbollah terror organization to continue attacking its territory and citizens, and soon we will make the necessary decisions. The free world must unconditionally stand with Israel in its war against the axis of evil led by Iran and extremist Islam. Our war is also your war, and Nasrallah’s threat to Cyprus is just the beginning. Evil must be defeated, as history has proven in the past.” Hezbollah continued to escalate its attacks on Israel on Sunday, launching numerous suicide drones at northern Israel, including an attack near a major Rafael defense factory. An IDF soldier was severely injured in an attack on an IDF base and several fires were ignited by drone hits. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)
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Hezbollah Threatens War “Without Rules,” US Vows To Back Israel

As fears of a breakout of a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon grow, CNN reported that senior Biden administration officials told senior Israeli officials last week that the US would fully back Israel if a full-scale war breaks out between Israel and Lebanon. However, the US will not deploy US troops on the ground. National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer met with senior Biden administration officials on Thursday, including US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and White House Middle East affairs coordinator Brett McGurk. US officials said that they were concerned that if Hezbollah launched a massive barrage of missiles at Israel during a full-scale war, it would overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Hezbollah published a video overnight Motzei Shabbos of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatening [with English and Hebrew subtitles] that if a full-scale war “is imposed on Lebanon,” Hezbollah “will fight Israel without rules, restraints, or limits.” The video then displayed images of Israeli targets in central and northern Israel, and ended with the words [in Arabic, Hebrew and English]: “Whoever thinks of war against us will regret it.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)
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US OFFICIALS ADMIT: Arms Shipments To Israel Decreased By 50% In Recent Months

US officials and Israeli security officials on Sunday confirmed to Channel 12 News that there has been a slowdown in the transfer of arms shipments from the US in recent months. In the first months of the war, about 240 arms shipments were delivered to Israel. In recent months, about 120 shipments were delivered, a decrease of about 50%. The Biden administration has also specifically delayed a shipment of precision bombs and has yet to move forward with the sale of 50 F-15 fighter jets to Israel even after two top Democrats finally agreed to the sale last month. Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explained why he publicly criticized the Biden administration last week for restricting arms shipments to Israel, saying that “about four months ago, there was a dramatic drop in the supply of arms from the US to Israel.” “For many long weeks, we appealed to our American friends to speed up the shipments. We did this time and time again – at the highest levels, and at all levels, and I want to emphasize – we did this behind closed doors. We received all types of explanations but we didn’t get one thing – the basic situation didn’t change.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)
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WATCH: Violent Hamas Thugs Terrorize Los Angeles Jewish Community Who Fight Back

Violent clashes erupted in the Pico-Robertson area as pro-Hamas terrorists confronted Jews. The violence started near the Adas Torah synagogue on Pico Boulevard on Sunday morning. At 10:52 a.m., pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in front of the Adas Torah synagogue at 9040 W. Pico Blvd., west of Robertson Boulevard, and blocked the doors. They were met by counter-demonstrators, some carrying Israeli flags, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Tony Im. Police in riot gear arrived to restore order. What began as heated verbal exchanges escalated into physical altercations. Videos posted on social media showed punches being thrown, people being wrestled to the ground, and kicked. The violence began when pro-Palestinian protesters tried to stop people from entering the synagogue. “Do your message, spread your message, it’s the First Amendment. But when you’re pepper-spraying little girls, it’s messed up,” said Mishah Klein, a local resident. Several people were detained at the scene, but according to the LAPD, no one was officially arrested. One person was cited for refusing to disperse. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
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