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IDF Charges Reservist With Severe Crimes For Mutiny Video

A video that circulated on social media over the weekend showed a masked reserve soldier in Gaza calling for mutiny against Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Lalevi for their lack of resolve to achieve victory over Hamas. The video created a stir and the military police quickly found the reservist […]
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GOOD RIDDANCE: IDF Eliminates 2 Top Hamas Commanders In Rafah Bombing Attack

The IDF Israel Security Agency (ISA) carried out a precision strike earlier this evening, eliminating two senior Hamas officials in Yehuda and Shomron. Yassin Rabia, the top Hamas commander in Hamas in Yehuda and Shomron, and Khaled Nagar, a senior official in Hamas’s Yehuda and Shomron wing, were targeted in an aerial strike in the […]
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MOVING FOOTAGE: A Heartbreaking Look At The 45 Meron Kedoshim As We Mark The Third Yartzheit

Lag Baomer marks the third Yartzheit of the 45 victims of of the horrific tragedy at Meron on Lag Baomer. YWN mourns their loss along with Klal Yisroel as we mark the third Yartzheit of these Kedoshim Z”L. Last year, prior to lighting the main Medurah at Kever Rashbi, the Boyaner Rebbe lit 45 Yartzheit […]
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Man Throws Flaming Liquid on New York City Subway, Burns Fellow Rider

A man set a cup of liquid on fire and tossed it at a fellow subway rider in New York City, setting the victim’s shirt ablaze and injuring him. The random attack happened on a No. 1 train in lower Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, city police said, adding that the suspect was in custody. The […]
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TEHILLIM: Iran Rejects Appeal, Iranian Jew Is At “Imminent Risk Of Execution”

Iran’s Supreme Court rejected the appeal by the family of Arvin Netanel Ghahremani, 20, and he is at “imminent risk of execution,” the Iran Human Rights (IHR) group said. His relatives said that critical elements of the defense’s claims were ignored during the trial, including the fact that he only acted in self-defense and he […]
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