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Hachnassas Orchim Avraham :: Lot / Prayer for the Evil/ Moshiach

 Considering  the  dangers to Israel and to the world today from those who trace themselves to our Patriarch, Avraham Aveinu, it is worthy for us to study the sedrah in order to deepen our appreciation for his actual holy ways as handed down to us.The possuk actually tells us that in following in those ways, we merit all the brochos:

"כי ידעתיו למען אשר יצוה את בניו ןאת ביתו אחריו ושמרו דרז השם לעשות מדקה ומשפט לצען הביא השם על אברהם את אשר דבר עלון" "That haShem "knows(ie 'loves) Avraham as he will command his household after him to go in the ways of haShem , to do righteousness(Tzedeka) and law ,in order to bring upon Avraham that which was spoken(ie, that through his seed, will the peoples of the Earth be blessed)"

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