38:22) "U'Betzalel Ben Uri Ben Chur Lemateh Yehudah Asah es Kol Asher Tzivah Hashem es Moshe-Betzalel the son Uri the son of Chur did everything that Hashem commanded Moshe." Why does the Torah say he did everything that Hashem commanded Moshe? It should have said he did everything Moshe told him to do? But Rashi explains that when Moshe told Betzalel the order of construction, he did it in reverse. First build the furnishings and then the building. However Betzalel understood Hashem's real intentions and Moshe agreed that he was correct. It thus comes out that Bezalel did everything that Hashem commanded Moshe even when Moshe didn’t give it over to him in the proper order. The question thus becomes how could we say that Moshe got it wrong? He must have had a reason to change this order?

When Klal Yisroel said the words Naseh V’Nishma they expressed the very high level they were once again on. So much so that they received two crowns, one for Nasehn and one for Nishma. However we know that after the Chet Ha’Eigel they lost those crowns. If so they should also have lost the rights to have Hashem dwell among them?

The Midrash tells us that since Klal Yisroel were Mikabel Ole Malchus Shomayim B’Simcha and said Naseh V’Nishma they merited to have the Mishkon, the place where Hashem would dwell amongst them. The understanding is that the phrase means we will do first and then understand. But it’s much deeper than that. The Marshah explains that it refers to two aspects of Torah. Naaseh refers to Mitzos Assey while Nishma is referring to the Mitzvos Lo Saasey.(Shabbos 88) They commit to doing the Mitzos Assey prior to the Mitzvos Lo Saasey.

That seems to be a contradiction to the proper way of serving Hashem, as we learn from Tehillem (34:15) “Sur M’Ra V’Asey Tov-Turn from evil and do good” First are Mitzvos Lo Saasey-Sur M’Ra and then comes Mitzos Assey-V’Asey Tov? Which then is the proper order?

The Ramchal comes to teach us a secret. They are both true but referring to different times in history. Before the Chet of Adom H’Rishone, before the Chet H’Eigel the proper order was first we will do and then we will listen. As we see from (Bereishis 2:15) Hashem placed Adom in the Garden“L’Avdah U’Lishomrah-To work and to guard it.” First is to do the work, the Mizvos and then guard them. Build a wall and protect what you have accomplished. But that was before the evil entered inside of him.

When they stood at Har Sinai and said Naseh V’Nishma they seem to have regained that status. The Gemarrah tells us that “Poska Zuhamosah-The pollution from the original sin of Adom Ha’Rishon stopped! It was no longer inside of them. But after the Chet Ha’Eigel it returned. Now we need Sur M’Ra-Turn from evil and then Asey Tov.

However Moshe Rabeinu was not in this world at that time. He was with Hashem in Shomayim. Therefore he told Betzalel first make the vessels (do the work) and then build the Mishkon to protect them. But Betzalel knew what had changed in the world, After the Chet Ha’Eigel they first needed to remove evil before they could guard the Mitzvos. Moshe then agreed and said that Betzalel was rightly named in the shadow of Hashem. (B’Tzael Kael)