From the river to the sea!” This is the chant made by the anti-Israeli antisemitic groups around the world! But perhaps there is more here than what it would seem.

From the river could refer to the Nile river (The first plague that turned the Nile river into blood). To the sea, could refer to the Red Sea that split and was the final blow that destroyed the Egyptian army. This became the final event that sealed the Jewish nations freedom.

   The purpose of having ten plagues, when one plague could have sufficed to crippled any resistance by the Egyptians, was to display Hashem’s might in every aspect of creation. Chazal explain that the final redemption will be like the first. (Achris K’Reishis)

   We believe with complete faith that in the near future we will experience, once more, the same types of miracles that were performed for Klal Yisroel when Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim. Therefore these chants should not be viewed as a threat, but rather as a foreshadow of the coming redemption. May we see it speedily in our days.

   The Gematria of the words “From the River to the sea - מהנהר לים is equal 380 which is also the numerical value of the phrase found in the final, closing verse in the Torah. (Devarim 34:12)

All of the awesome power that Moshe performed before the eyes of all Israel.”