I am a Certified Life and Professional Coach specializing in Creativity, Motivation and inspiration. I am also a Certified Recovery Coach. In addition, I am a trained in Integrative Harm Reduction and CRAFT for families and loved ones. My intention is to bring fourth clarity and purpose so that you may shine and flourish and get unstuck, while unwrapping the negative patterns that are in the way and giving you tools and insights to live your life on your terms. .  

I am a recent graduate of the Centre for Optimal Living's (in NYC) program: Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, and an alumni of Concordia University‘s Certified Professional and Personal Coaching program (PPCC) as well as a Certified Being True To You Recovery Coach. 

My background includes years as Business Development Manager and Social Media Marketing Consultant, but it's my experience as a singer/songwriter, writer, and performer that gives me a unique edge when working with Creatives of all genres and people in recovery. 

My approach to Recovery Coaching centres on the Harm Reduction paradigm, psychedelic integration, enthoeogens such as Post Ibogain Detox clients and client's who experience a pycho-spiritual awakening. 

On the professional and personal realms, I help clients achieve personal and professional goals big and small, identify negative disruptive patterns, offer strategies to deal with these patterns, and offer a way to unleash insights, guide momentum and expose potential, while cutting through old negative beliefs. Gaining clarity and self empathy are keys to success. Creativity/ Life/ Career coaching; CRAFT - supporting families who live with loved one's who are treatment/detox resistant (alcohol/substance/addiction) Recovery Coaching; Pycho-spiritual- Redesigning Your Life from Your Negative Patterns; Addictions; including Behavioral and Substance; negative life patterns (love, procrastination, self-sabotage)


Carrie Katz Coaching 


Senior Recovery Coach At Being True To You
PPCC: Professional and Personal Certified Coach; Creativity and Recovery
Get to where you want to go. Find Clarity, make a Shift, get unstuck, Live your Vision.