Last Week, we in Montreal received a rude awakening.Till now, we as all our bretheren world wide, knoew we had to daven for the good of Isreal.But last week we awoke learning of gunfire in front of two shuls,in the middle of the night.

No one was hurt, b'h , but the arning was not unheeded; the rabbis of the city urged us towards more tefilla and learning and of course, the police presence was strneghtened in front of shuls.

Apparently till now we thought we were davening for Israel, but we were and must realize we are davening for ourselves.

Isn't that what we say when we say Kiddush hachodesh" - The One who made nissim for our fathers..He should redeem us .. and gather us .. all the scattered..chaverim all of Israel (chaverim  from the root, chibbur - bound together)

Why do we say this specifically with kiddush hachodesh? Obviously because we are bound universaly together by the calenday made thousands of eyars ago by hillel jakatan before th final scattering areound the world.When we had  aysnhedrin sitting in the lishkaz hagazis in the Temple, the torah went oyt from it is only a custom recited in shul as a memory.

But like the Maharal teaches ,Golus and Geulah have almost the same spelling Golus is unnatural, naturally we are destined to return to our place.

Maybe we can find chizuk in this thought, all of us, here in Montreal , and elsewhere;

The last words of the Baal haturim in the week's sedrah, about Yishmael, - al kol echov nofel-These words somech to Ela toldos Yitzchok ben Avrahaom- when Yishmael begins to fall, that is when look for the "tzmicha (budding ) Moshiach ben David (from Yitzcok)

*( For the anger of Yishmael and which gives them power to hurt us, even as they ahve zechusim, bris mila, not considere dto be Avoda Zara, and are actually descendants o fAvraham, comes becuase of being thrown out from being called "zera Avraham, the People emant o bring blessings to all of Mankind)*

The latest news  (in out newsfeed) is how the people in Gaza are turning against Hamas.most peopel of th eworld are in agreement with Israel's fight.And finally , we in Israel and in chutz l'aretz are gowing in unity.

In Israel, there seems to be a growth of appreciation in amongst the secular of the "chareidi";the chesed, the volunteering, even in joining as reservists and more. Many in fact have been grabbing mitzvos, tzizis, tefillin, candles for shabbas and more.And we here in chutz l'aretz are sharing in pain,in tefillos and in money 

Isn't that , b'ezer haShem , the beginning of the  geula?