With all the terrible and frightening news from eretz hakodesh, perhaps we can hope to discern one bright light

There is a well known kabbala (from the beis medrash of the Gra) that america is the last golus.Another kabbala, or better put, a maamar from chzal, is that why is  Eisav compared to a chazir?(besides that the chazir is treif but shows his "kosher" hoofs to the world), becuase eisav will ultimately return 'Malchus " to Israel

What really has happenend is difficult to know.Why was the idf caught totlally ignorant? This was planned for months ??.but one refrain we have heard, they saw that America is collapsing; now is the time!

The Republicans in disaray; Biden very weak, the dollar collapsing.Now is the time.

Avram was told the 4th generation will return, because the "in of Emory" will not be yet great enough to take over yet..

These savages certainly showed the world how evil they are and the time has come to eradicate that evil.and , at the same time, the bastions of so called intellectual citadels in america (& other "progressive' nations" have shown how bankrupt they are.

"Malchuus " is a concept very foreign to the modern ear; true . to us, 'Malchus" refers to 'majesty", to respect , for we are created in the image of haShem.mMchus Shemayim" in its full glory, is what we need to pray for, and today, even almost the most 'left' in Isreal, will donnthe yarmulka an d answer "amen" to ehartfelt prayers.

The time has come!