Returning to Egypt with no Buyers


ואשׁר הרעתי    And I caused the Bad

As we move towards the New Year, in a time of utter confusion and dread,I thought it appropriate to share two thoughts I had while learning my daf last week.

The end of the Tochecha is we will return to Egypt and there will be no buyers.So when I finished those words and turned to my daily daf, I was amazed  how the gemerra recounts the imposing honor of the Jews in Alexandria so that someone who did not see their honor,never saw the honor of Jews, and it finishes recounting all their wealth and honor- and they were all killed by Alexander (Turchius ).

The  Netziv in his discussion of the tochecha, mentions that it does not have a seder,just goes on and on.And the greatest of all - "hafle upella", the loss of talmidei chochomim, the wise can't give advice, the Temple is not here, so we can't find kedushe and some knowledge and awareness of the truth, and where we stand..

Rav Moshe explains the curse of going back to Egypt meaning that we left Egypt to be a higher, spiritual people, and all that is gone.

The mefarshim explain why were the jews of Alexandria punished so harshly ? - because after the destruction they asked Yirmiyah whether to go back nad he told them not to, and they origially accepted to live by his words.

In this past year , there have been so many inexplicable tragedies to afflict our people.Anti semitism all ove the world, a government in Israel totally unrepresentative of our national purpose as a people. Where are we headed ?

The next blatt, seems to give us hope and prayer.

Four haShem laments ,Golus , the Kasdim (Taliban?), Ishmealim,and the evil inclination..

'And I caused their bad ".. and I will give them a heart of flesh, says haShem.And as we go down the blatt there is mention of the 7 shephers and 8 "princes".Of those 8, Isaac is conspicuous for his absence.Rashi says he is our "Father" and has gone to save his children from gehinnom.

As we enter this new coming Year , let us take encouragement as there has never been in all of history so much Talmud as there is now. As the famous words of the Oroch Chaim hakodosh; the reason for the great length of the golus, because Moses will not let moshiach come to a nation botul from the Torah