I was zoche to make a kiddush this past T'u b'Av and I asked a question

The first simcha of T'u B'Av was that the last generation of those who carried the curse to die on T'ishe b'Av lay down in their graves as every year, but to their astonishment and joy learned (and affirmed ) by T'u b'av that they were not to die

Wonderful; they did not die, but why was that such a simcha that we are told there were no simschas for the Jewish people as T'U Bav and Moetze Yom Kippur?

We live in a time of confusion.The world keeps being battered by what is called a "pandemic" though this writer believes it to be a terrible hoax .Israel is being governed by a coalition which has no true glue except the desire to rule and redefine Israel.And as much as we dread the chaos of war,it seems some of our enemies are themselves falling apart.And with the coming year of Shmitte, with everyones' parnassah hurt badly , what will we eat?

Everything is so murky.

This last generation who had dug themselves their graves and expected to die that last Tishe b'Av had been learning with Moshe for 40 years.Moshe pleads to haShem to enter the Land .The Chazal ask why was it so important to him? He wanted before his death to fulfill the mitzvos of the Land,The land of kedushe, where the Presence of haShem is felt ,for that is the shlemus of a Yid.

The Chazal tell us that someone who mourns the Temple merits to see it rebuilt (at least within themselves).Their mourning means they carry within the hope and beleif in it's rebuilding.What did these Yidden, talmidim of Moshe Rabbennu feel, each Tishe b'Av ?

I saw an incredible concept from the Chasam Sofer.Of the ten words for tefille, we have an Attar, a pitchfork.A tzaddik's tefille is compared to an attar becuase it turns  the midda of "Anger" to "Rachmanus" .The chasam sofer asks that when Yitzchok davened  a tefille of   עתר for Rivka to have a child, there was no midda of "anger".She couldn't "bear" because haShem wants the tefillas of the righeteous.The Chasam Sofer says everything has a "klippe", the more kedushe , the more tume.Our avoda is not to break that klippe, but to bring it into the world of kedushe.

We know that in the laws of tume, the biggest tume is death itself --"avi, avos hatume". Life" really means being close to haShem, d'vekus."When these Yidden lay down that last Tishe b'Av in their graves, how far and desolate from haShem.But that was actually the original sin of the generation who had cried for no reason.It must be then that these Yidden who had been learning from Moshe Rabbenu for so many years were zoche that their desolation had become yearning and the tume of death had been turned into the kedushe of emuna and bitachon!

And with that bitachon , they were zoche to enter the Land

Can there be a greater simcha?

(I thought later that even though the whole generation was supposed to die out, they didn't.That means the generations were not cut off from eachother, which is itself a simcha.Moreover Moshe's words to the peopel in this week's parsha, Ekev, that they had personaly been witnesses would't have been otherwise so their salvation is meaningful even today to us) 

I saw once that my Rebbe , the Pachad Yitzchok, had said the problem is our relying on the US.Today , obviously we can't, and in fact , the way the Land is being torn apart by our own people,it is obvious there is no one to rely on but haShem.Is that not the prescriptian for Moshiach?