Isru Chag B'avosim al karnos hamizbeach

"Tie the chag with strong strings to the horns of the mizbeach"

In yeshiva we would say at the culmination of the chag , "A guten chametz', but the preferred

greeting  by so many is " a guten Zimmer"

Of course, we made havdala on chametz  (which I personally forgot to do this year). Now , that I had some chametz, I'm able to reflect a little on  how much we really need the fortitude and clarity in this  time in history where there is so much confusion.The seforim speak how at the end of the journey , when we are so very close to the geulah, the "eirav rav , will grow in strength and leadership.In Israel, indeed the "Supreme Court " legitamizes reform and conservative weddings, there are actually many other people legally using the "Law of Return " even though they are not jewish, and ,in general, total confusion reigns.The 'Seor she b'esa" (The yeast in the dough), and being bound to the "kingdoms" , the Nations and peoples who deny haShem and our job as servants , which cause  sin.

It is not only in Israel that confusion reigns fake news, censorship, envelop the world ; the media and politicians decide what can and cannot be said. 

Towards the end of the Yom Tov, I saw in an haggadah from R' Shamshon Rafael Hirsch, that at the end, scinece will rise up gaianst people and we will need the religious to bring back sanity , and ,of course those words seem prophetic considering they were written about his own land of Germany many years before WW2.I believe that the same darkness and confusion that reigns today in the Holy Land, actually covers the world as the  the potential blessings of science for Mankind is held back by its control by the few for their maniacal profit as I've recorded in my website dedicated to the natural health and wellness , and is a darkness over all.(There is more to the story, but this is not the place for that.

I'd like (want ) to believe that the coming of  Moshiach will not come , chas v'sholom ,with nuclear war, but with the freeing of science without the taint of corruption and the revelations of haShem in His Universe will be greater than all the Miracles.