Jacob did not die  Did they embalm him for naught?

As his children are alive , so is he

Is this some sort of "pharisaical' hypocrasy or do our sages mean something deeper?

Actually we have seen a number of references to this concept a number of times in Chumash.When Yaakov finally returned and built a mizbeach, the possuk seems to say that haShem called Yaakov "Kel".The medrash says he gave Eliyahu (who went up alive ) a letter from his name as (vov)as insurance he would announce moshiach.

I saw a profound concept this past shabbas, that perhaps without trying to elaborate too much is worth saying over.

The possuk says תיתן אמת ליעקב 

Give truth to  'Yaakov". Yaakov, the man of truth, received the blessings with some sort of subterfuge and suffered his whole life for that.Give "emes' , truth that the blessings are his and for his children.Israel is truly the Chosen people, above time.Emes is torah,it is our connection with the Creator.And the Creator is above time.

The Torah is not rooted in the happenings over  time.As the Gra teaches ,time itself is a Creation (Whereas prayer , the second foundation of service of haShem, is rooted in this world and its happennings over time).

The book of Breishes is the book of Creation , creation of the world and the roots of our people.The Chazal teach that whatever happenned to our 'Avos" happened to the children.

Those who live with 'Emuna", with the Torah itself, are everlasting.

And this is the introduction to the next book -- Shemos.The shevatim are compared to stars whose lights are everlasting.Each in their own way light up the world with praise to haShem.Theirs were the inspiration for the Jewish people to keep their purity and identity through all the oppression  in Egypt.

As we write these words is it not startling to know that the US ,our foremost "friend" amogst the Nations (but also a "melting pot,where so many Yidden have lost their connection to the mesora),is going now through a "change of guard" ?The Regime coming in is not known to cherish the ways of our people (Targum Onkeles translates that the new pharoah did not know Yosef , did not know Yosef's holy ways such as the bris).

To me, the ominous 'change of leadership' in the US, with the ongoing new vote in Israel, an incapacity to form a working government , means one thing.We are on an express train to the coming of Moshiach.

After all, the natural leader of Israel,is not any of the present contenders.