Upheavels in Our Holy Land Upheavels in 'Malchus of Chesed"

Why is Eisav compare to a chazir ? Because Esav will return the Malchus to Israel

When Mr Trump was running for president first term,i joked with friends ,maybe he will be the 'Trumpet blower for Moshiach.Many would agree that after he came in, that actually seemed to be his path.Moreover we  (and many, many others) were excited with the disastrous elections in Isreal, with the report of Rav Kaduri's mention of a 'prophecy ' relating  to the coming of Moshiach with this disaster check out this article  .........

Was Netanyahu-Gantz impasse predicted in mystic's hidden manuscript?

But then the impasse seemed to be fixed ? and Mr Trump seems to be side tracked ?

But wait ! Many top analysts say that this coming year will see the  beginning of the end of the American 'Empire' of wealth and financial dominance , not only because  of the extremely shameful and devisive hate and warring going on , but simply said, mathematically the 'piper is up', debts have to be paid and the American dollar will lose its' status as the world's "Reserve Money' (what the Chazal called 'over lasocher').

In the beginning of our parsha, when Yaakov returns to Israel and prepares to meet his brother Esav, there is an extremely difficult to understand story told of a battle held between Yaakov and a 'man' who later turns out to be an angel, somehow, representing the 'saar' (heavenly force?) of Esav.The 'dust' of their fight went up to heaven and Yaakov leaves that fight limping. Many of our commentators relate this to our eternal and internal fight with the 'yestzer here' , devil, (sitre achere).As we struggle with poverty and welath, worldliness, science and more, we tend to go 'blind' and forget the reality of the Ribono Shel Olam.

Perhaps this is the hint that Yaakov returned for 'pachim ktanim' , small vessels'.He put himself into a place of danger for smallness  -  his love for his worldly possessions.And yet thse 'small vessels' could also hint to the small lights of Chanuka, the inner ,eternal lights of unbroken faith against the blindness of the Greeks, the Hellenists and the various different brands of deniers today.

This eternal battle has meaning today as we are returning now , mamash, to our promised Holy Land.

Today we are living i  an epoch of 'Fake News", "Fake Science","Fake Elections".On Whom should we Rely?On our Father in Heaven.