sheep invasion in Turkey

Simon Tov and Mazal Tov , I certainly would like to believe (and the simonim are definitely  here) 

But I am kind of uneasy , to say the least.Why ?

Well first of all, if we learn 


Haifa Residents Bemoan Their Living Situation Amid Wild Pigs


For the centuries that the Ishmaelim controlled Har Habayis they actually served as shomrim on its kedushe; but now that  is becoming fragile, chas v'sholom.

Maybe that was the zechus of the old Byzantine Empire, and theRibono shel Olam is now reminding us of our true tafkid, to stay  pure and dedicated.

After all the first Pesach sheni was observed because two Yidden bemoaned to Moshe Rabbenu that they were impure and could not bring the korban Pesach in time  

למה נגרה

Just a little more , Kinderlich , just a little more; hang on.

A freilich Peasach sheni!




Hang on , Kinderlich; just a little longer .........