The new anti Semitism

Why ? What's Happenning ?A sudden new Anti semitism.We thought that was in the past,finished.

I saw the question asked in a popular jewish paper.My take is that it is really different than the past;almost ;we can say it is positive.

                The mesora from the Gaon that America will be the last ‘stop’ in golus Edom is well known. Chazal also tell us “Why is Eisav compared to a chazir? Because he will return (‘chozer”) malchus l’Yisrael.”

We are witnessing today in disbelief as the leader (still) of America actively seeks to build ,strengthen and affirm before the Nations of the World our rights to our Holy Land.

And at the same time we see  the collapse of the ideology of ‘Zionism’ and the inability of the government we consider to be illegal to actually govern.

Take the average gentile’s viewpoint .Wherever he looks he sees the jews very visible and on top. Take a ride between two jewish neighborhoods. Very likely you will find that in between, the homes are run down, even perhaps a slum. When you arrive to the jewish area ,it is built up, if not ostentatious, but nice, maybe very nice.

We have become very successful and as result ‘thorns in their eyes.’ The Netziv says that golus is something ‘very high’; that is how we fulfill our purpose as a People to be  a ‘Light unto the Nations.” We are all over the globe, and  very successful. If the demented goy says “Jude go home,” maybe he is right and the time has actually come. Klall Yisrael just had an incredible bar Mitzva in limud of Talmid Bavli , and the next day the benches filled with new talmidim. The Ohr haChaim writes that the arichas hagolus is because the geulah has to come in the zechus of Moshe Rabbenu and he won’t allow the geulah for a Nation botul from the Torah.

B’h, we are no longer a “Nation botul from the torah.

The Meshech  Chochma  writes that the golus started when they settled in Goshen.They settled and established themselves.They forgot they only came becuase of the draught.

Have we forgotten our real adresss? I wonder sometimes.

 From my experience discussing after I  personally bought with them  and have tried to encourage friends  to do so too ; what I find is an attitude; the golah is the golah; we have our problems,they have theirs.No one even asks themselves if this is really my place anymore, and if it is ,do I have any obligation to connect to eretz Yisrael itself besides giving  tzedeka and chizuk hatorah? Where is the chechek, the desire to connect to our Land ?

Many say ,we own some property there (bought or by yerushe)and we constantly help..But they miss the point.Even the rishonim who disagree with the Ramban that even today we have a mitzva to go to war,if necessary to guarantee goyim don't own eretz Yisrael, all agree that to acquire land for that purpose is the only mitzva chazal allowed to be done through a goy on shabbas withouta shinui.And that is why Rav Yoel ztz'l writes in maamar Eretz Yisrael,that it is a bigger mitzva even that being oleh

And if at the same time you are building the Land and its people in a mutual sustainable and profitable way, and not at all that expensive, than why shouldn't everyone feel a chiyuv?

We'll pass on that,we'll wait for Moshiach.