Why is the Parsha Stume (closed)?

Because with Yaakov's petire (Death) the eyes and hearts of Yidden closed with the tzoros of the subjection as the Egyptians started enslavement

Because Yaakov wanted to reveal the 'ketz' (the 'end'),but it was hidden from him.

Our Chazal ask, why is parshas V'yechi closed (ie, runs as one , without a break to parshas V'yigash).They give two answers.Our eyes and hearts began to fall with the beginnings of servitude.Two , the depths and the end of tzoros were no where in sight.

One wonders how closely our times reflect the events recently.Increasing ,open anti semitic hateful gruesome attacks with the dreadful, frightening specter of world war raising its ugly head.

The truth is , we don't see in our parsha the beginnings of servitude and anti semitism till next parsha, Shmos,the Book of Golus, with the 'new King' who did not know Yosef. But maybe the tremendous honor given to Yaakov , buried in Canaan,brought out the deep hate for that foreign people..

Actually, the question is asked as why did the Egyptians show so much honor for Yaakov that even the Cannaanites said a 'great aveilus for the Egyptians"?They never loved the 'Ivrim', in fact , they would not eat together with them?But they realized that they benefitted from his presence as the famine stopped when he came.There was something 'supernatural" and 'holy' so much so, that Yaakov was afraid they would make of him an avoda zara.And we know the Egyptians were very much into the 'other world' the 'after life'.

But we , the Children of Israel, know that after the 3 generations of 'Avos', Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yisrael, the original status of 'kedushas haAdom', of what Adom haRishon was supposed to be,before the Sin, returned.So that kedusha was not really 'supernatural,or 'other worldy';it was what was always supposed to be here on earth, naturally.Just now,it can only exist compositely through the existence of 'Knesset Yisrael',the 'Chosen People". 

So, yes, with Yaakov's death, came the return of the famine.If we ,with such holiness for our origins cannot bring blessings, then there is something wrong with us, and we need to be despised ,envied and hated.

In fact, maybe that is the underlying connection between parshas V'yigash an V'yichi;ie, why they are actually connected as one in Chumash.The very last sentence in V'yigash is that is that the Yidden took possession and settled in the Land of Goshen.There is a famous, almost prophetic observation by Rav Meir Simcha about 50 years before WW2..They took possession,and settled , building mansions, forgetting they had come only as sojourners.'and Berlin is begining today to resemble Mizrayim."

How do you stop the hate crimes ? Marches? Protests?From my point of view, with every success we have and with every gift Mr Trump gives our People and Land, the Ribono shel Olam gifts us with harsh slaps -- 'go back to your home 'Jude'; that's where you belong , that is your true home;Get out!

And isn't that really the very  the center of the vortex dragging the modern day ambitious Haman in Iran (th eIranians are not arabs; they actually were an 'Arian' tribe who came from Europe) ,andour People and our greatest ally, the USA into the spectre of War?

May the day come soon when our people realize we are one ,only as we accept together the yoke of Heaven, and it is not reliance on  super science or great financial success which will bring our Salvation.But only the acceptance of the word of haShem.There is no other way in Israel for that elusive  'Unity Government."