Noah's ArkAfter two months; a month of penitence and a month of closeness to haShem, we try to make a'soft landing', 'mar Cheshvon, the month of 'bitter' Cheshvon is upon us.The World seems to spiral down, down , down, the Flood and a new world.

We ae al familar with the two opinions brought by Rashi.Noah was a tzaddik in his generations. some say l'shvach (praise); he was a tzaddik when the whoel world was wicked.Some say l'gnai(for shame),if he had lived in the times of Abraham he would not have counted as anything.

It is kind of a strange way to think.The whole world was saved by Noah. and did the world truly improve?The mishna in Avos uses he same words -- 10 generations from adom till Noah, all the generations make angry and come , til the flood.Ten enerations from noah til avraham. All the genrations amde angry and come .. till Avrahma ,our father acceped the schar(reward of all.

The Eyberste wants to shower us with blessings ; he can't unless we earn those blessings.The sins till the Flood were destruction of middos. People had descended into living animals בשגם הוא בשר , and were therefore prey to them.This had to end.

The sins till Avraham were those of belief, but the people were no longer animalistic.We could eat animals as they  had been saved by man.Coming out of the ark ,Noah was told that we are created in the image of haShem. There definitely were people who deseved reward, but somehow, they could not hold it.As 'vessels', they were cracked.

The world had matured ,but that maturity was built on the foundation of Noah's righteousness.

We've seen this happen many times in history.The generations leading up to the Nazis ,of cursed memory,were actively destroying our heritage as a holy people. So our people had to suffer a holocaust..As a result , we witness an incredible growth of torah true yidden still in golus and enormous growth in the holy land itself.

The enigma of a gentile with questanable personal morality fighting for our legitimate rights to our land and for the strenthening of traditonlvalues in the USA is a direct result.

Mar Cheshvon has no holidays, but it is atime to quietly rebuild.

gut Shabbas!