Ezra decreed that we read the tocheche before the end of the year ..

שתכלה שנה וקללתיה

it seems the bad is inevitable, we need a way to wash away the accumlation of the bad every year in order to start again ,refreshed, renewed, because .ultimately , that is not what it is all about.Moshe Rabbenu gave us the steady, weekly readings, Monday , Thursday and  Shabbas.Ezra, who had gone through the years of exile and rebuilt the Temple ,taught us this secret of renewal.

I think this is also how to read and understand the reading earlier in the parsha, 'viduy maaser.'After 3 years,erev Pesach,the Yid says viduy maaser.After giving the two maasers and have given to the poor..." I've done all that is incumbent upon me, you too haShem , from your palce high above, look down and bless your people".....

It's kind of incredible.Don't our rabbis teach us not to expect haShem to fulfill our requests? Are we then so deserving?

and Rashi adds that all 'hashkafa ' is for the bad, but charity can change the bad to the good.Why is hashkafa for the bad, and if it so, why do we even mention that attribute?

And finally , as we prepare this Moetze Shabbas to say slichos, we know 'viduy' as the admission (modeh ani )of wrong doing.Why do the chazal call this parsha 'viduy maaser"?Giving a tenth to the Leviim so that all is taken care of properly in the Temple, going to Yerushalayim to imbue ourselves with fear of Heaven, and give the rest to those who live full time in learning , is a necessity.And even though it is a zechus, we really have no merit , because it is a necessity ; this is what we are all about as a people.If we are compassionate, then we are giving of ourselves.

When haShem created the world it was with "midas hadin".He saw it could not last so He added 'midas harachamim'.From high Above, from the pure heavenly spheres, all is according to the 'law.' Down here ,it doesn't always seem to work.All we can do is admit that all is from the Ribono Shel Olam, even our  capacity to do 'good.'And since You created the world so that we could actually , so to speak, 'earn our bread', by , at least admiting that all is from 'Him', so even though we tremble in Awe,standing before Him, shower us with blessings , since that was the original intention for which You created this world.

Let the bad of the past eyar wash away in our tears and let the good come in!