A Generation Closer ,the most ready to accept Moshiach

A few thoughts enter my mind this moetze shabbas. to the best of my knowledge,  I am not the first to say so, but , even so, to many these ideas will be kind of jolting.But current events together with the parshios seem to point in one direction.

Israel, offcially a Jewish Nation State , not truly 'democratic' with even the 'chareidi  parties' in agreement ?'The Likud and so many other leaders are not religious, and the concept of 'national state 'rings with many as almost blasphema,and yet who is to say , we ever had it really better?

I heard from my rebbe , a'h,that only 1 time in history were the Jewish people truly 'pure ', so to speak. the night of the first pesach , in Mizrayim.When they left the next morning , they had with them the 'erav rav' (according to one medrash, twice the amount as the  children of Israel).

When Mr Trump was campaigning, I half jokingly said ,'maybe he will be the Trumpet player for Moshiach.(According to chazal, 'Eisav is compared to a chazir because he is 'asid ' to return the malchus to Israel).who,at that time , would ahve beleived such a political upset? B'h ,Yerushalayim is now offcially the eternal capital of the 'Jewish Nation State of Israel". Actually ,isn't that what the Balfour Decleration was all about?We were never meant or expected to be entirely secular , just like all the Nations.

If the 'gays' and lesbians are not happy , what can we do? They are anyways destroying themselves.They leave no future.When Saul was at war with Amalek, he had to deal with Yidden drinking blood.

At the time of the second beis hamikdash ,only a small portion of klall Yisrael lived in Israel, and many of the wealthier, including cohanim were tzdokim and rishaim.Today,almost 50% of our people are  back in Israel, and torah is flourshing as it has never before in history.

Those who are regular to daf Yomi, know that often the daf learned ften mirrors events.I was wondering about this as I noticed the daf to be learned for Tisha b'av would be the 100th blatt of zevachim.Lo and behold the Sar hatorah of our generation , R' Chaim Kanieefsky shlite told the tzibbur they would be allowed to learn the daf ! It deals with the laws of "onen'(someone who has just lost a close relative)Interestingly also,it deals with korban pesach , and we know that the second night of pesach falls on the same day of the week as Tisha b'av.

I told friends that the Orach Chaim hakadosh writes that the golus takes so long because Moshe Rabbenu won't allow the geulah to come to a nation botul from the Torah.let this be a sign that if on the tenth time the Jewish people learn together the daf, the 100th blatt of kodshim which we so much yearn to fulfill, that we will very speedily be able to accept Moshiachas the Rambam writes that the reason , we the jewihs people want Moshiach is that we can grow and fulfill ourselves in the torah as much as is humanly possible.