Not "yet" responsible one for the other

I thought to share a short machsheva I had on today's readings, as we enter the last week before Rosh haShana.Hopefully it will strengthen my own resolve to improve in this coming year , and perhaps some others too, who may perhaps read these few words.

הנסתרת ל׳שם א׳ והנגלת לנו ולבנינו עד   To me, the 11 nekudos read as a flag denoting , there is something else going on , not explicit.Stop; pay attention.Think.

The baale mussar talk about thinking , taking things to heart.This is the faculty which differentiates us from all of creation , and , so , obviously ,in order to sucessfully serve haShem, we need to try to truly understand the task before us.

I saw that the Maharal explains that nekudos - points , come to uproot the simple pshat. I am not sure, but maybe that is because a nekuda has no dimension, so it doesnèt really belong here.It is, so to speak, a pointer.I once heard from a great sage that the words of the Rabbis often sound very stange.That is because they really refer ( a pointer) to a higher sphere.There it is to be taken literally.

An  individual jew  by himself cannot serve serve the Ein Sof - one without end ;only as part of that Nation which accepts the Kingdom of heaven on earth.The Shunamis said to Elisha when he wanted to bless her with a miraculous birth -  bsoch ami anochi yosheves , I dwell amongst my people - donèt make me exceptional.

The bris (Covenant ) of Arvus is more than just a means to insure our fulfillment of the mitzvos; it means that our neshemos are mixed together (basically this is clear i the gemerra in sota which discusses the bris) . Knesses Yisrael, which transcends time and place is a  second edition of what Adom haRishon , created in the image of haShem, was to be before the Sin.

If Rosh hashana is the birthday  of Adom haRishon , then the only way for us to relate, to be reborn is to accept our role as part of Hs Holy People who proclaim His majesty at the beginning of the Year.

Those eleven nekudos which uproot the words we read, mean that , really ,it is - over there.That is where we are headed, ultimately and there is our fulfillment , even now, in an imperfect, fractured world.The Land of Israel is where we are responsible one for the other, not just because the  ;Mama land  unites, but because , there we as a  People find fulfillment. spiritually.The Chasam Sofer writes that  physical work done there , even if not the mitzvos of the Land, is holy.

A Yid cannot just live within his own little sphere and say, I am doing all that behooves me in my little world.

The Ribbono shel Olam wants us to think bigger , to recognize that there is bigger world out there to which we must attach.The chazal say that Adom was created as one so that we should say - The world was created for me -My repsonsibilities as a jew can sway universes.

Today , that means as part of klall Yisrael, knesset yisrael, whose ultimate destiny is over there.

Let us pray that this coming year we see Eliyahu hanavi and bias haMoshiach.Parents return to their chidren, children to their parents, and the world learns to give up the horrors of their war instruments and turn all that technology to blessing.