The Chidah writes that a person should make an effort to not only learn Torah on Shevuos but try to be Mechadesh  new Torah on Shevuos. Why is it not enough to learn Torah on Shevuos?


  The Chasam  Sofer was asked a question from a neighboring Rav. There was a person on his death bed on the second day of Shevuos. He had no children but had a brother who lived far away. His wife would not be able to remarry if she didn’t perform Yibum or Chalitza. The question asked was may we write a Get on Yom Tov before the husband passed away? The Rav of the town decided against it. Now we know the second day of Shevuos is only D’Rabonon since it is only Yom Tov out of doubt when Rosh Chodesh was. However there is no doubt by the Yom Tov of Shevuos because we know exactly when it comes out. We know because we are counting 49 days from Pesach thus the 50th day is Yom Tov! If that is the case why do we keep two days of Yom Tov on Shevuos? One answer is to keep it uniform with all the other holidays.

   If we think about it we should ask a more serious question. That of the Magen Avrohom who asks why we celebrate on the sixth day of Sivan when we know that the Torah was really given on the seventh? It therefore comes out that the second day of Shevuos is more strict than other second days of Yom Tov because that was the actual day of the giving of the Torah. Why then do we celebrate Shevuos a day early?

  The Gemarrah on Shabbos tells us that when Moshe when up to Har Sinai to receive the Torah he was confronted by the angels who complained that the Torah should not be given to mere humans, it belongs in heaven. Hashem told Moshe to respond. Moshe answered them and said “Do you have parents to honor? Were you enslaved in Egypt?” 

  We are then left with an even bigger question, what was it that the angels were thinking? Did they not know what was in the Torah?  

   The Beis Halevy comments that it wasn’t just the fact that we were given 613 Mitzvos at that time. It wasn’t just that we were Makable theTorah, but we were given something much more at that time. When Hashem gave us the Torah He also gave us the reins of the Torah. We are now in control of the blueprints to the world. That is the significance of Matan Torah. The angels were complaining How can you give so much power to mere flesh and blood mortals? This was the struggle on that day. When we say the blessing on the Torah we say “Asher Nosan Lonu Toras Emes Vnotah B’Socheinu” Hashem placed within us the power to define reality. This is what we celebrate on Shevuos

  If this is true then which would be the best day to celebrate Matan Torah? What is the greatest expression of the fact that we have control over reality? Hashem wanted to give the Torah on the sixth of Sivan but Moshe said it is better to add one day and give it on the seventh, on Shabbos. Moshe added a day on his own accord. This is the greatest expression of how man is in control over reality. This is the sixth of Sivan. When Moshe exercised that control. We are given the opportunity to connect with Hashem. We are able to use our intellect to better understand our creator. To connect to the divine.

   This is why the Chidah says it is specifically on Shevuos, that we should attempt to be Mechadesh  new Torah. Through this we may be worthy of better connecting with Hashem.