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Remember , Remember , Why Remember , and who should remember ?

I asked myself today a question . We blame Shaul hamelech for allowing Agag to stay alive (and that night he beget a child).Why don't we blame Yehoshua ? He only weakened their army?

The answer obviously is that Yehoshua only had a mitzva to go to war with Amalek, not to destroy.That mitzva starts in Israel with their first king.

One talmid chochom showed me a Rashi that the army didn't actually kill the enemies , just wounded them , "al pi hadibur ", by the "words of haShem".So , what was the purpose? What was going on?

It was a lesson to be learned orally from talmid to Rav down all the generations; don't forget.We are not yet there.The war is an ongoing thing. The first 'coming" of Amalek was due to  our weakness in our attachment to the torah , and so it has been in all generations.

Our  brocho as the 'Chosen People " is contingent on our attachment to the holy torah.That was our Father Yitzchok"s brocho to Yaakov 

This year as we approach Purim with the war going on in the Ukrane, where we are all witnessing the incredible irony one on top of the other on the continent and places where we suffered so much , where somehow, a 'jude" seems to be central to fighting the new "evil " beast, a year of Shmitte,  a year of new incredible 'kibbutz golyus", we need to Remember that Moshiach is knocking loudly.

Perhaps the simplest and most basic lesson of Parshas Zechor - when it is good, Remember , we are not yet there, and when , chas v'sholom it is bad, never give up

*   After having these thoughts, I thought to myself , I don't think Putin is actually Amalek, maybe a pupil , but not more.And I have been telling people for years (and explicitly) on my wellness site  that the real leal , most dangerous Amalek today are those responsible and pushing this , so called 'Vaccine".So who is actually today amalek? Then I realized that I had most likely posted the name of the most likely candidate , who actually runs the organization responsible for 90% of the earth's wealth, and want it all , and have already published their plan for the "Great Reset".Check it out on this article about Mr Trudeau's tyranny ..

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