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(1:1) “Bereishis Boro Elokim-In the beginning G-D created.” We begin the Torah with the name of Hashem Elokim that means strict judgment. Rashi says that this was the original plan, to create a world that would be judged immediately. But Hashem saw that the world could not exist this way so he tempered it with Rachamim. Thus the second chapter adds Hashem Elokim to the narrative. But the entire first chapter does say that Elokim created the world? Where is this world? Also in the entire first chapter there is no mention of the first sin? In fact it says that man may eat from all the trees of the garden with no exception? Then the story of creation advances into Shabbos with no interruption?

The first place in the Torah where we find the use of the name of Hashem that implies the attribute of mercy is (2:4) “Ayleh Toldos Hashomayim V'Haretz B'heBorom B'yom Asos Hashem Elokim Eretz V'shomayim-These are the products of the heaven and earth when they were created in the day that Hashem Elokim created earth and heaven.” Rashi explained that the original plan was for the world to be created with strict judgment but Hashem knew that it could not endure. Therefore he tempered it with mercy. Thus the expression in this verse of the two names of Hashem/Elokim are used. The Kli Yakar adds that in telling of the creation of the Universe as a whole, Elokim is used. This is why this verse mentioned heaven first, for indeed the celestial beings can endure being governed by Justice alone. But when man is to enter the scene, earth is mentioned first and the added use of Hashem signifies that His justice must be tempered with mercy. This would seem to imply that the entire first chapter of the Torah deals with the creation of the spiritual realm. This is why there is no mention of the original sin. No mention of the forbidden fruit. We know that every physical aspect of creation has its spiritual counterpart. Perhaps we can say that this is the meaning of this first chapter. Elokim did create a world able to withstand strict justice, the spiritual world.

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