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All Montreal Jewish cemeteries were originally located on farmland, outside of the city limits. In all but one case, these areas have now become developed, residential areas. Prior to the 1950’s, there were only five Jewish cemeteries in use in Montreal, with two of them used for the vast number of burials.

1. The Baron De Hirsch Affiliated Cemeteries (formerly United Hebrew Cemeteries) was established in 1892. The Baron De Hirsch (BdeH) includes a large number of sections affiliated with synagogues and private burial societies.

       Their contact details are – Address: 5015 de la Savane, Montreal, QC H4P 1V1, Tel: 514-735-4696, Fax 514-735-4698, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

       The records of the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery are now available online on the JewishGenOnline Worldwide Burial Registry – JOWBR

2.  The Back River Memorial Gardens is a few years older than the BdeH, but is smaller. It too is composed of several sections affiliated with synagogues and burial societies. The Back River Cemetery (as it is called) is managed by the BdeH. When BdeH receives a query (above), they will also check the Back River records (the same qualifications about missing entries mentioned above also apply). However, the records of the Back River Cemetery are now available online on theJewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry – JOWBR

3.  The other three early cemeteries in Montreal are operated by Montreal’s three founding synagogues. All three are adjacent to each other on the slopes of Mount Royal in the centre of the Island of Montreal.


The Spanish and Portuguese - Shearith Israel was Montreal’s first synagogue and for many years its only Sephardic one. Note however, that many of its members may well have been Ashkenazic. Their records are moderately complete. Tel: 514-737-3695 (synagogue).


The Congregation Shaar Hashomayim was Montreal’s second synagogue, founding in 1846 as the English, German and Polish Congregation. Tel: 514-937-9471, Fax: 514-272-6010.


The Temple Emanu-El (now the Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom following a merger) was formed as Montreal’s first (and still only) Reform Synagogue. The cemetery is segregated but physically part of the (largely Christian) Mount Royal Cemetery. Tel: 514-279-7358, Fax: 514-279-0049.


4.  In the 1950’s, as the Jewish population moved into the suburbs, there was a need for new synagogues and therefore new cemeteries. Several new cemeteries were concecrated in the outskirts of Montreal, each used by a number of the new synagogues as well as for expansion for older synagogues or burial societies.


Eternal Gardens Cemetery, Tel: 514-695-1751


Kehal Israel Memorial Park, Tel: 514-684-3441, Fax: 514-421-2272.


Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Beth Israel, Tel: 450-661-7016


Source(with thanks):article by Alan Greenberg written for Jewish Genealogical Society:


Jewish Cemetery in St Sophie run by Chesed Shel Emes which honors traditional halacha and kabbala practices dealing with the deceased.

2493 2e rue Ste. Sophie, QC J5J 1N5 Tel: 514-273-321