The Gematria Hint connecting Ilhan Omar to Haman Amalek

Our good friend , Boruch Fishelowiitz, who has been sending us incredible torah words for some time now, just sent me an incredible connection between Ilhan Omar and Haman Amalek.  We just posted the article and had to comment on it.

I asked myself a question. Why a woman?War is with men , no?

 Today , no.Not only that , the main strength of women is in the mouth (please any lady , reading forgive ; I mean no bad).

Rashi mentions that Amalek used kishuf (' black magic '- kishuf - that which contradicts the natural divine ways) .That was the strength of the 'snake' in the garden , which 'talked' Chava into sin.The entirety of Amalek is empty.Falsehood has no base; today is the age of fake news. Everything is confusion and doubt, here and in Israel. If they can't beat us at war; confuse issues so that we 'beat each other".

If israel was thrown into exile repeatedly because of sinas chinum and bittul torah, then the refuah need be, ahavas chinum and the acceptance of torah (the only ultimate foundation for truth).

A Freilich Purim!