'Mi LaHashem elai'

Rabbi Pesach Lerner has come out with a call for all Torah True Jews of every stripe to come out vigorously against Israeli recognition of the Reform movement.I saw that Rabbi Grylak in the Mishpacha magazine also joined the call.I'm a simple jew and felt a need to write a few questions.I doubt that my few words will be published,

So, I'm taking the liberty to copy below what I wrote to the magazine.Maybe my thoughts will benefit someone.


Rabbi Grylak’s joining Rabbi Lerner’s cry ‘Mi la Hashem eilai’ for torah true jews of every stripe to come out vigorously against recognition of this heretical sect, is of course, well taken. But nevertheless, with all due respect , I’d like to point out that we, still living in the Diaspora, have some fundamental

issues to deal with.

                First of all, in today’s world when Israel is a major power , we all must ,individually and collectively, wonder if Moshe Rabbenu’s anger at Bnei God and Bnei Reuven doesn’t apply to us as well. I saw in the name of Rav Finkel zt’l that Moshe compared them to the m’raglim  because if the m’raglim would have loved  the land , ‘ahava m’chase al kol pesha’, they wouldn’t have seen the problems they encountered as problems. ,and so too with Beni god and Bnei Reuven.

                It’s , after all, kind of chutzpadik for us as foreigners, and maybe ludicrous too,  to try to impress ourselves on a sectarian government , especially on their ‘supreme court’, which many of us probably consider the most heretical institution in the world , on the validity of our ‘brand of religion’. The only thing these people are really interested in is the financial impact of the Diaspora on their land.

This past Tishrey (Oct 5), Mishpacha published an article about a dear friend of mine, Yosef Busner, who needs a new kidney .You mentioned there a business he started, buyapieceofisrael. You mistakenly wrote that the business  encourages people to buy agriculture land and work it. Actually they encourage the golah to buy land and partner with Jewish sharecroppers who work it for us, thereby fulfilling the mitzvos hatluyos b’aretz, and keep the land Jewish. They also encourage the golah to buy real estate and hire jewish maintenance, strengthening the yishuv.

                Since I became a partner some years ago, I’ve been steadily pleading with my friends to join us, but very few have listened , even though , the group  has gone to great length to make this affordable to all.

                Ultimately it is the ‘Mama Land’ which unites all our people, of ‘all stripes.’ Israel is no longer so dependent on the Diaspora for support. It is the ‘Startup Nation ‘ in which goyim are rushing to invest. What would be if we, the ‘Torah True Jews’ would start to invest in the land itself and its people, would that not have a real impact not only on the government of Israel, but on ourselves too^

Perhaps that sense of unity of our People would bring all of us to truly yearn together for the Redemption which we need so much. Only then will we merit to see Moshiach bimhera b’yamenu.

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March for destruction of Israel .... Cut off with Diaspora Jewry

An Open Letter

Two troubling articles surfaced today , so much so, that I felt a need to share them with our readers, and ask for some soul searching..

Herzbollah rally in Berlin slammed

Nothing new ; Lapid slams the Berlin held Herzbollah Rally calling for the Destruction of Isael.What is especially disconcerting , at least to me, is the picture of three  chassidim marching together (Woops, just took a better look the picture is two years old!Hopefully , this is an example of fake news).

The other is the article describing the outrage of

In Unprecedented Move, Jewish Agency Slams Netanyahu for Western Wall Decision

Of course , as a religious jew, I am overjoyed that the sanctity of the kosel and ,of prayer in general, has been upheld.But the article went on to say.....

   In an unprecedented move, the Jewish Agency rebuked the government of Israel over the recent decision to cancel a plan to create an egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall.

"We deplore the decision of the [Government of Israel] which contradicts the vision and dream of Herzl, Ben-Gurion and Jabotinsky and the spirit of the Zionist movement and Israel as a national home for the entire Jewish people and the Kotel as a unifying symbol for Jews around the world,” the Times of Israel quotes from a unanimously adopted statement from the Jewish Agency.

“We declare that we cannot and will not allow this to happen,” the statement added. “We call on the GOI to understand the gravity of its steps and accordingly reverse its course of action.”

The Agency also stated that it would dedicate its entire upcoming agenda "in order to address the ramifications of these decisions."

Rabosay , to whom do you belong?

I am serious  with this question.

Visitors to this website and my private friends,know that I have been backing for years an organization which enables those in the goleh to partner with Yidden in Eretz Yisrael, keeping the Land Jewish and productive, according to halacha.

Buy a A Piece of Israel , in the Galilee, enables us to do Rotzon haShem;-  the will of the Ribono shel Olam , in the land , much of which precedes the medina.Who gives those , so called Ultra Orthodox, the right to take that away from me?

On the other hand , the Jewish Agency claims they represent the connection with Diaspora Jewry -- and all their money.Why is it , that so many of my friends who are capable of joining me refuse to show their love for the Land and its people .If we were to show financial interest in the Land, not just as tourists, but as real stake holders, would we not be showing ,once and for all, that the Land of our forefathers belongs to those who still treasure it as the Holy Land ?

I ask you , Rabosay -- to whom do you belong ?


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אחר׳ מות קדוש׳ם מםלכת כהנים וגוי קדוש

רעך ורע אביך אל תעזב   -     ואהבת לרעך כמך זה כלל גדל בתרה

Love your friend like yourself This is a general rule of the torah

Your friend and the friend of your father , do not forsake

We read the parshios of achare mos and kedoshim between Pesach and Shevuos.Achare mos prepares us for our  national mission to be a 'Kingdom of Priests' while Kedoshim prepares us to be a 'Holy Nation', to bring that elevated service into our worldly ways, to sanctify our daily lives.

Beginning with the service of Yom Kippur which unifies and purifies our people, we tremble remembering the sons of Aharon who were consumed with  'ahavas haShem' and came too close.We mourn them for all time.

Kedoshim is taught to us with all the people together -'b'hakhel,' a preperation for the unity we had when we accepted the torah.

Rabbi Akiva , who taught 'to love your friend as yourself is a general principle of the torah' , exemplified that attribute.While being the leader of his generation in torah, so that he was considered the 'Honour of torah', and could unearth fountains of wisdom in every line, he also was the gabbai tzedeke and collected for the poor.

Perhaps that is why the middas hadin was so severe with his talmidim who died between Peasch and Shevuos and whom we mourn in these days.We love every fellow jew whose neshema is a 'chelek eloka mimaal' - a portion of haShem above.But it is only with the torah that we can recognize this which raises above all wordly matters.With love for each other , we become one people; with honour for each other's torah and understanding we can grow in our own torah.

Israel is now going through a self searching process looking for antional identity.A new bill tabled by Likud ,according to jpost, states that “the State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which it realizes its aspirations for self-determination according to its cultural and historic traditions. The realization of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

There is plenty of opposition from the left who call it apartheid and anti democratic, and ,of course, the extreme chareidi,won't accept the idea of 'self determination.'And ,we living here in the golah , can't escape the issue.How do we relate to Israel which is the focal point for all of us, who accept Sinai in our lives, and how do we relate to our fellow jew,right here.

HaShem is 'Moshel b'Goyim' - rules the nations, but Melech b'Yisrael- a king in Israel.The Gaon from Vilna explains the dfference.Kingdom is a loyalty given by the people, whereas a ruler, rules by force.

If we truly love every jew and we truly believe in our mesorah, there is no other way; it has to come from the people - after all, we lost our right to the Land twice because we didn't live there with the torah and its ideals.We believe that our people have a unique mission in this world , to bring it to its completion , and tikkun, but that can only be when we live as a holy nation , by definition , holy- seperate, in the holy land.When we merit that time, the peoples of the world will want that too.

Actually , this site reflects those ideals.We call it a 'virtual kehilla', but only because the old European style kehilla, not only unified, but also excluded certain elements.We can't do that today.So we try to fulfill many of the functions of the old kehilla, though it is open to all.

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א געדאנק אויפן פרשה פרשת תזריע מצורע תשע”ז

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   (19:1) “Dabaer el-Kol Adas Benei Yisroel V’omartoh Aleihem Kedoshim Tiyhu Ki Kodesh Ani Hashem-Speak to the entire congregation of the Children of Israel and say to them be holy for I Hashem am holy.” The parsha begins with a very general statement to be holy, then goes on to specific mitzvos that seem to parallel the Ten Commandments. How are we expected to be like Hashem who is holy?

   The words Kedoshim Tiyhu imply a certain separation. Hashem has given us an instruction manual towards this goal. It is the Torah and the mitzvos contained therein. Through the actions of performing these mitzvos we are able to take the physical world and elevate it to a level that is G-D like. As we say when we make a blessing “Asher Kidishanu B’Mitzvosav-As we are sanctified through your commandments.” There are 248 positive commandments corresponding to the 248 limbs of the body. When performing these positive commandments we activate the Kiddusha that Hashem invested in them. Thus we become holy.

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