The two parshos , v'yigash , v'yichi connect without any break.The first Rashi in V'yichei tells us that when Yaakov died the eyes and hearts of the people became closed with tzoros


Last week the nation lost the last of gedolie torah who had brought the torah with purity from the past into modern Israel

Rav Steinman , z'tzal is no longer.

Yet we have been seeing good, The US fights for the legitamacy of their decision to place the embassy in Jerusalem and Sholom Rubashkin , is freed on the last day of Chanukah.

But the ugly head of anti semitisim rises, here in  here in Canada and elsewhere.

The Kli Yokor says when the Yidden settled and took 'possesion ' of the land in Goshen, that was actually to their discredit.They had come down just to 'sojourn' , not to settle.But they became successful and wealthy ; many would not even want to leave when the time came , and they would die in the 3 days of darkness.

And I see, indeed , the PM says in one breath "Next Year in Jerusalem , Merry xmas."

It scares me especailly , because even the  'chareidi' , my friends, here in Montreal seem complacent .As much as I discuss with them the work of Buy a Pieceof Israel, only a very few respond.

Our rabbis teach us that the purpose of the golus is to bring the light of our faith and brocho to the world, but eventually we have to know where our own fulfillment as a people lies.