A little late, but with my 'yom huledes" coming (the 6th Tammuz Teusday)  , thought to write a few machshavos on the parsha 

Korach is one of the enigmas of our holy torah.He was at the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai. He was witness to many wondrous miracles .How could he doubt Moshe Rabbenu , as it is said 'And they will believe in you"?

And the famous 'question " so many asked after the War .. how could G-d do such?

I was thinking ,in two parshios we have the words Nazi -by the m'raglim and by Korach."Niazuni". The torah is very clear, but we need to be receptive and listen.Korach was "mishpacha" and he carried the holy ark on his shoulders.His mind was very elevated.He could not "hear".the message.

When we study the parsha and the following history (of Shmuel Hanavi)and the haftara we see something really remarkable, how the middos of Korach were used by Shmuel and he even quotes Moshe Rabbenu in his farewell as manhig to Israel, giving over the mantel to the king.

As a child, Shmuel was moreh halacha bifney Rabbo(taught a law in the place of his rebbe, considered to be rebellious ), shchte b'zar(shechite can be done by a simple, jew,non cohen (ko holam kulem kedoshim?). In the haftara , he echos Moshe Rabbenu - Did I take one donkey from them".And he even (in miniscule)causes a scary -- "oseh maaseh breishis" (with thunder and lightning) to let them know they had sinned asking for a king when the generation was led by a Navi to haShem.

We have a term 'frei", free from the yoke of heaven.Isn't that so important? Do my own thing,the real religion ?Somehow there is a place for every middah even while accepting and living with that yoke.That was the 'message' Korach did not hear , but his children did.